It’s Never Neutral

“Go quick, mom. So we don’t miss the party!”

So says our little one, urging my partner Kathy back from the washrooms toward the large crowd of people gathering for May Day in Allan Gardens. A sea of the most unapologetically political groups in the city surround us: Idle No More Toronto, No One Is Illegal, Two Row Society, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP), Migrante, The Greater Toronto Workers Assembly, Maggie’s. And others. Continue reading



Help publish this resource

This is a campaign to fund the production of a new educator resource called: Rethinking Sexism, Gender, and Sexuality
The project is halfway to its $20,000 fundraising goal, but another $10,000 is needed in the next two weeks to make it happen. Help build momentum toward the finish line. Send the campaign link to all of your friends, family members, and colleagues. Tell them why it’s important to you that this book is published. Watch the video which features the story and voices of Rethinking Sexism, Gender, and Sexuality. Post it onward.  We need more resources like this in our classrooms to help young people understand their world, and influence it for the better.  

Glass, Needles & Condoms

I can tell it’s spring.

We are winter weary and in need of fresh air. One of our annual adventures is to trek down to the edge of Lake Ontario. There, a billion huge boulders sit along the shoreline and call to our kids more powerfully than toys and ice-cream : “this is a landscape of unlimited potential.”

“Can we take off our shoes and socks as we climb?” they ask.

“You know the deal- watch out for glass, needles and condoms.”

Off they go, barefoot and bursting with excitement. Kathy and I look at each other, gauging our energy levels, and head off in pursuit. Continue reading

Teaching Kids When To Break The Law

“Your kids are so well behaved!” says a stranger sitting on a nearby stool, eating his breakfast.

It seems well intentioned, but my insides curl and glow like a ball of crumpled paper that’s just been lit. A knee jerk response rises to my lips: “Yes, it’s a nasty habit we’re trying to get them to break,” but I manage to swallow it back with my breakfast bagel. Continue reading


Families at Toronto’s May Day Rally

We’ll be there, maybe even waving a Rebel Parents sign and encouraging families to celebrate and get engaged together.  It is true that rallies take extra work when you have children, but allowing our kids to ride bikes, bring noisy homemade instruments or pack extra travel toys or books helped us, not to mention pairing it with something else our children enjoy (okay, it’s true that we pack cupcakes to celebrate the workers with).  I got this graphic booklet last year.

Graphic History Mayday Continue reading

Vignettes from the Outpost of Trust

David doesn’t need gifts. He’s right that many arrive and he rarely misses their opportunities. He celebrates the surprise of winter’s first snowflakes, he is curious enough to dissect forest poop to identify its owner, and without exception, he laughs when things are funny.

The year he turned forty, he asked for a gift. With the earnest optimism that is his trademark, he mused, “let’s organize a community-build of a straw bale house.” I snorted, but I knew in my heart that it would happen. David makes gifts happen. Continue reading