Gender Justice for All Parent Activist Group

I’m dreaming (with others) about connecting Toronto-local parents who are interested in sharing and strategizing about parenting for gender justice.

Let’s organize a space for adults to share ideas on how to affirm freedom of gender identity and expression in children.  Imagined as a ‘parenting’ group, it could be stronger still if it included all adults significant to a young person’s development – relatives, chosen family, community mentors, even teachers – those affirmatively searching for ways to:

1.  Engage young people’s agency, rights, voice and celebration of free gender self identification and expression;

2. Represent, reflect, and celebrate the true range of choices, options and realities relative to identity and expression;

3. Navigate the mainstream culture’s tendency to awfulize (instead of celebrate) gender and sexual diversity.

How about a monthly discussion; a one day conference; a published advocacy toolkit?

If you are interested in contributing your ideas, discussing  this further, or participating, email to


6 thoughts on “Gender Justice for All Parent Activist Group

    • I never was a young parent and didn’t have parents who were young. Which probably means nothing more than a response to fealessanalyst. 🙂
      And thanks for the link to this blog.

      • Glad you found it 🙂 In some ways, these are scary times to be brave, independent thinkers — sometimes reminds me of the McCarthy era. Thank heaven for internet freedom 🙂

  1. Loving your work so far. Heard about you from someone at Toronto Public Health. I’m at OISE, just finished a qualitative investigation of the phrase ‘boys will be boys’ and I’d love further discussion with engaged parents. Please keep me posted!

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