Gender Justice for All Parent Activist Group

I’m dreaming (with others) about connecting Toronto-local parents who are interested in sharing and strategizing about parenting for gender justice.

Let’s organize a space for adults to share ideas on how to affirm freedom of gender identity and expression in children. Continue reading


Love Affair: Reflections on a Sacred Cow

Imagine this.

Your doctor is standing before you, asking you to choose between taking a red pill and a blue pill. Concerned with due diligence, you ask what the difference is.

“Well, the red pill causes higher levels of anxiety”, she begins. “It’s also linked to higher levels of depression, leads to more injuries, and those injuries tend to be more serious.”

The quizzical look on your face doesn’t slow her down. “In studies between those taking the red and the blue pill, those taking the red tend to show lower levels of empathy.” The doctor has now registered the concern on your face. Continue reading